Torn Jeans, Cold Shoulders

Seniors take on Millennials

I’m at that funny age where both my mother and my kids are too busy to talk to me. My mother lives in a continuing care retirement community in Southern California. Between her fitness classes, bridge and excursions, it’s hard to pin her down. After decades of having dinner on the table exactly at 6 p.m., she loves not having to cook. Dinner is one of the highlights of the day.

My kids are millennials living their own lives. They check in whenever they remember they have parents who hang on their every word.

Recently, my daughter and I disagreed on the torn jeans trend. She once had a pair that were so ripped, parts of it were just threads. I don’t get it. The next day, my mother and I disagreed about women’s “cold shoulder” tops with cut-out sleeves that are all the rage. I happen to love them and have several. She and her 80-something friends think they’re absolutely absurd.

The three of us have agreed to disagree. After all, who’s to say what’s fashionable and what’s just plain ridiculous?

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