Five Signs You Might Be Ready for a Life Plan Community

Life plan communities offer a cruise-ship like lifestyle

Like a lot of people my age, I’m inundated with mailers and online ads for 55+ and active adult communities. But what about living at a life plan community, also known as a continuing care retirement community? 

Life plan communities in California are accessible to people 60 and over. And while many folks living in these communities are considerably older than that, some people in their mid-60’s who are already living at a life plan community.

Why move in so young? I know one couple who wanted to have a plan in case either of them need long-term health care since they don’t have any children.

Others wanted to take advantage of all the activities and amenities offered at their community while they were still active. Think of it as being on a cruise ship. You want to take full advantage of everything on board.

How do you know if you’d be a good fit for a life plan community? Here are five questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do you like making new friends and socializing with people?  When you live in a life plan community, you see your peers on a daily basis at lunch and dinner, activities, fitness areas and special events. 

2. Are you emotionally ready to downsize?  Not always, but usually moving to a retirement community means letting go of furniture, knickknacks, paintings and other items you may have collected over the years. Many people find this liberating, but there’s no denying it can be difficult.

3. Is home maintenance becoming too much for you?  You may love your home, your rose garden, even your neighbors. But yard work, roof repairs, leaky plumbing and other issues have become overwhelming. The staff at a life plan community take care of all those pesky chores and much more.

4. Are you tired of cooking?  You may still enjoy making a special meal or your favorite dessert, but day-to-day cooking has become a grind. Many life plan communities make food a point of pride and even recruit top chefs to head up the food service.

5. Do you have a plan for your long-term health care? One of the beauties of living at a life plan community is that you already know the assisted living and skilled nursing facilities you will most likely move to if your needs change. Seniors often say making their own plans for future care provides the ultimate peace of mind. Others say it’s the best gift they ever gave their children.

Personally, I can relate to much of the above. Who wouldn’t like to have the weeds pulled and your meals cooked for you? Sounds pretty good to me!

If you would like additional information about life plan communities, check out our post on the various types of senior housing. 

And if you’re interested in finding a life plan community in your area, one of these five communities would make a great start. 



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