“But I’ve Never Been to Pennsylvania”

Assisted living laundry care can lead to some interesting fashion choices.

Last year, my girlfriend asked the staff at the assisted living community where her mother-in-law lived to get her dressed for a summer family party. She gave the outfit she wanted Mary to wear that day to the staff. My friend made sure her name was written on the inside.

On the day of the party, my friend went to Mary’s room to pick her up. She was dressed alright. Mary was sporting sparkly white sweat pants, Christmas socks and a well-worn sweatshirt promoting Conneaut Lake in Pennsylvania. None of the clothes matched and none of them were Mary’s. In fact, Mary had never been to Pennsylvania.

My friend was speechless, especially when she noticed Mary’s roommate was immaculately dressed from head to toe. Did the same caregiver dress both ladies? Did they run out of time? To be fair, assisted living laundry care is a huge job. Most communities deal with a high volume of laundry every day and mix-ups are bound to happen.

My friend’s advice? Give yourself extra time if you need your loved one to be ready for a big event or holiday. You just may need to change them out of that summer sailor top and striped velour pants.