Three Ways Seniors Can Return to the Workforce

Seniors Return to Workforce

For many seniors, working past retirement is a very compelling idea. Working post-retirement, especially in light of COVID-19’s effect on the financial markets, may help circumvent financial worries. Seniors who return to the workforce can alleviate the boredom and loneliness that sometimes come with retirement. Working also opens up more opportunities to enhance our quality of life.

If you’re interested in taking another turn in the workforce, here’s how you can jump back into the game.

Play to Your Strengths

As a senior, know that you are a fountain of valuable knowledge and experience in life and in industry. It’s more than a good idea to bank on your strengths as you pursue a new career. For instance, many older adults go into consultancy work within their own industry after retirement. Kiplinger notes this is a great way to stay in one’s comfort zone and make good money in the process. It’s also a chance to enjoy the tax breaks and flexibility associated with self-employment.

One idea for seniors with a background in sales (or who have top-notch people skills) is to sell insurance. Selling insurance can be a viable part-time venture. Not only do you get to keep your own hours, you can lend your expertise to something that can even benefit your own family and friends. Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance is one company that offers great opportunities for seniors who want to return to the workforce.

Choose flexibility

No doubt flexibility will be a driving factor in your choice of a post-retirement gig. After all, you’ve already done your time in the workforce, so you should have the flexibility to enjoy the best that life has to offer during retirement.

The gig economy offers numerous jobs you can do from home — or just about anywhere for that matter including co-working spaces — so make sure to explore the many options available. As an aside, venturing out of your home to a co-working space will do wonders for your productivity and provide a semblance of structure for work-life balance. What’s more, it opens up networking opportunities that USA Today notes can be beneficial for advancement in your new job as well as your social life.

Serve the community

Probably one of the best things about working after retirement is having the time and resources to pursue truly meaningful opportunities. So why not consider jobs that serve the community? Many seniors go on to become teachers, tutors and coaches after retirement, while jobs in child care, delivery and the like are not unusual. Again, these jobs are generally as flexible as they are gratifying, so it’s a real win-win for most seniors.

Life after retirement doesn’t need to be uncertain and boring at all. Going back to work as a senior may be exactly what the doctor ordered. And your financial advisor might be just as pleased. Let the job hunt begin!

— Sharon Wagner, Guest Author,

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