Seniors:  How to Travel Abroad at the Right Price, Right Pace

Seniors: How to Travel at Right Price, Pace

If you’re a senior who wants to travel abroad at the right price and at your own speed – you are not alone!

Being a senior often comes with fewer responsibilities, which means more time for fun. You’ve weathered the major milestones like getting an education, building your career and raising your family. Now it’s time to do the things YOU want to do and start clearing your bucket list.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a trip abroad or an extended vacation. At this stage in life, you might have unlimited time to travel and can fully explore your dream destinations. COVID restrictions are lifting and vaccines are more available, so what’s stopping you from having the trip of a lifetime? If the answer is “money,” we’ve got some tips for you. Read on to see how to travel abroad without blowing your budget.

How to travel abroad using discounts

Travel discounts are everywhere if you know where to look. Rather than going directly to an airline or hotel to book your flight and accommodations, look online at comparison sites like Skyscanner and Kayak. And be sure to search AARP and AAA for discounts and advice on how to travel abroad.

Costco Travel, TravelPirates and Travelzoo offer outstanding vacation packages, often at a more reasonable cost than a la carte bookings.

Walk whenever you can

Walking is one of the best ways to experience a neighborhood or town because you can stop and explore all the sights you’d otherwise miss in a vehicle. By walking, you can save money, go at your own pace and fit in some exercise.

As you stop in each town, park your car and walk through the streets as much as you can. Enjoy local restaurants and shops. Most importantly, take time to chat with the locals.

Stay where the locals live

Instead of staying in city centers with all the hustle and bustle, consider renting a home in a residential neighborhood. You can often find homes to rent short-term on AirBnb or VRBO for lower rates than hotels. Some homes even have helpful hosts who are happy to share their area’s best attractions.

Local neighborhoods are not as fast-paced as urban centers and tourist zones. Things cost less on the outskirts, and you’ll discover the hidden gems that only locals know.

Choose relaxing adventures instead of thrilling ones

Thrill-seeking adventures simply aren’t for everyone. Something mellow might be more your speed. You can find a day tour to match your schedule and interests, with many offered at a more leisurely pace. Look for coupon codes to help you save on the packages. A side benefit to day tours is the chance to meet new and interesting people from all over the world.

Make a plan for worst-case scenarios

Nothing puts a damper on a fun vacation like a lost or stolen wallet, a broken leg or even losing your passport. To ensure you have your bases covered when traveling abroad, it’s essential to take precautions ahead of time. Make several copies of your passport and leave a copy at home with a friend or family member.

When planning how to travel abroad, remember to check on your health insurance to find out what’s covered if you have an accident.

Finally, have a plan for accessing money as soon as possible if you lose your wallet. While it’s ideal to have some cash hidden in your suitcase, you might need more than you packed. If you find yourself needing money in Brazil, for example, family or friends can use a secure transfer service to quickly send money your way. With little to no fees and almost immediate access, you might even get your cash within minutes.

Traveling in retirement is the perfect way to spend your well-deserved leisure time. Whether you’re going solo or with a spouse, friend or family member, you can craft the ideal vacation that suits both your travel pace and your budget.  

For more travel tips and other ways to save money while traveling abroad or throughout the United States, visit Senior Influential.

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