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Drone medication deliveries to seniors

Drone Medication Deliveries for Seniors 

Drones are everywhere these days. Mostly they’re used for good. Drones help find lost children and hikers. They detect bombs in war zones and save lives. On the other hand, they invade people’s privacy. Sometimes they endanger planes by flying too closely. But there’s a…

Seniors Return to Workforce

Three Ways Seniors Can Return to the Workforce 

For many seniors, working past retirement is a very compelling idea. Working post-retirement, especially in light of COVID-19’s effect on the financial markets, may help circumvent financial worries. Seniors who return to the workforce can alleviate the boredom and loneliness that sometimes come with retirement….

Random Thoughts

Rumor Has It 

Martha Stewart, master of cooking, gardening, home décor and crafts, may be bedding down with the world of Assisted Living. The company that owns the Martha Stewart Living brand, Marquee Brands, recently announced it’s partnering with other firms to develop real estate projects. The company…

Senior Tech, Tech

Tech for Seniors: Virtual Reality 

Seniors with smart phones and iPads. Seniors on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. No doubt, older adults are getting hipper by the day. Could virtual reality for seniors be the next big thing? Virtual reality for entertainment and education has been around for years. Anyone who’s…

Baby boomers who live alone face increased health risks.
Health, Senior Housing

Baby Boomers and Loneliness 

Baby boomers who live alone may be putting their health at risk. According to a recent article on Baby Boomers and loneliness in the Wall Street Journal, roughly one in 11 people age 50 and older lives alone without a spouse, partner, child or roommate....

Older Adults Favor Facebook, YouTube 

According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook and YouTube are the most commonly used social media sites by people 65 and older in the United States. The two sites are equally popular, with 41% of older adults saying they use Facebook and 40% using YouTube....
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