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You Gotta Laugh 

Getting older is scary. People start talking about their aches, pains, operations and surgeries. Birthdays come and go – some celebrated, some not so much. And as we get older, so do our parents. It can be hard to watch them adapt to walkers and…

Nettie the Joy For All Cat
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Nettie, the Joyful Cat 

One of the best presents we ever gave my mom was an electronic cat. Officially known as the Joy for All cat, it is incredibly lifelike. My mom was a lifelong cat lover, and we always had cats when I was growing up. But when…

Baby boomers who live alone face increased health risks.
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Baby Boomers and Loneliness 

Baby boomers who live alone may be putting their health at risk. According to a recent article on Baby Boomers and loneliness in the Wall Street Journal, roughly one in 11 people age 50 and older lives alone without a spouse, partner, child or roommate....
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