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Inter-generational living could become the new norm.
Senior Housing

Living With Your Grandchildren 

Inter-generational living has been the norm throughout most of history. It’s only recently that society has changed. Given the cost of renting an apartment in California, let alone purchasing a home, many twenty-somethings are “boomeranging” back home. They’re saving money before making the launch.  But...
Baby boomers who live alone face increased health risks.
Health, Senior Housing

Baby Boomers and Loneliness 

Baby boomers who live alone may be putting their health at risk. According to a recent article on Baby Boomers and loneliness in the Wall Street Journal, roughly one in 11 people age 50 and older lives alone without a spouse, partner, child or roommate....
Living at a CCRC is like living on a cruise ship.
Senior Housing

Five Signs You Might Be Ready for a CCRC 

Like a lot of people my age, I'm inundated with mailers and online ads for 55+ and active adult communities. But what about living at a continuing care retirement community or CCRC?  Also known as lifeplan communities, continuing care retirement communities in California are accessible...
Four types of senior housing are explained.
Senior Housing

Four Types of Senior Housing You Should Know 

Independent living. Assisted living. Skilled nursing. Memory care. Whatever you call it, senior housing is confusing. What do these terms mean and what's the difference between them? Here's a basic overview of four types of senior housing: Independent Living - Independent living includes active adult...
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